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When one of the software requirements is an Application Programming Interface (API), e.g. besides a graphical user interface (GUI), command-line interface (CLI) or web interface.

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Self-hosted alternative to Pastebin

Pastebin is a service that allows you to "paste" any text and share it with others, publicly or privately. I am in need of a piece of self-hosted software that does exactly what pastebin does, but ...
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ownCloud API for C# or VB.NET

I am trying to connect my C# application to ownCloud so that I can: authenticate with ownCloud upload files to ownCloud view the files uploaded to ownCloud open the files uploaded to ownCloud and ...
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Free Mindmap software that supports python API

I need a portable OS-agnostic Mindmap software that supports python API, I want to be able to change the nodes, add text or images programmatically via python.
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LAN file storage systems which are Google Drive Realtime API compatible for realtime mulltiuser app collaboration?

Some browse and mobile apps such as Mindmup use the Google Drive Realtime API for realtime multiuser collaboration. Are there any LAN based alternatives which support the Google Drive Realtime API ...
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Which tool would you use for producing REST API docs from Java code?

There are a lot of these tools to choose from, of varying levels of quality and various models from open source to commercial. I need to document REST apis, either Spring MVC or My ...
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Speech Recognition Javascript API that recognizes standard hardcoded words via Probability

I am trying to find a Speech Recognition Javascript API ( preferably offline ) where I can set some hardcoded words like 'play', 'pause', etc and get a probability about what word a user said. i.e {...
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REST API for creating charts from JSON data

I am in search of an REST API to convert JSON data to charts and then get back as image. There were many available of this kind, but all are specific language-based client libraries or SDKs. However I ...
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API or library to obtain a mirror of a link

I am looking for an API or library to obtain a mirror of a link. E.g., if I give as input, it should return something like
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APIs to extract numbers from images?

I'm working on an app, and I need a way to extract numbers from images similar to how banking apps extract your credit card number from a picture. I don't have any preference on language but probably ...
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