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Web application to receive anonymous pdf submissions from students

On an online exam, the teacher likes to receive the students' submissions (pdf document) anonymously without knowing their emails and names. In that case, I tried making a Google form that will ...
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Application that links anonymously written text to an identity

I just wondered whether there is a tool, which can link anonymously written text to an identity. Like a tool that could be trained with some data and would - by analyzing grammar, words, punctuation ...
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A community of persistent pseudonomous email redirections

I have an unusual need, and I'm hoping there's a no-/low-code way to answer it. I want about 10 people to be able to email each other in such a way that they can use their own email address/accounts/...
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Can you think of any way in which "normal people" can contact me (one-way) with messages in a secure, anonymous (for me) manner?

I'm trying to be able to receive incoming messages from "the general public", in a way which: Does not reveal my identity to the person contacting me, or to any company/entity. Does not cost money. ...
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Is there an online tool for JSON values anonymization (to replace real values with random ones)?

I have an issue with generating client code from an OpenAPI JSON file and I have posted a question about it. However, I have to post the JSON and I have to anonymize it (replace real values with some ...
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