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Questions tagged [anonymization]

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Application that links anonymously written text to an identity

I just wondered whether there is a tool, which can link anonymously written text to an identity. Like a tool that could be trained with some data and would - by analyzing grammar, words, punctuation ...
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Can you think of any way in which "normal people" can contact me (one-way) with messages in a secure, anonymous (for me) manner?

I'm trying to be able to receive incoming messages from "the general public", in a way which: Does not reveal my identity to the person contacting me, or to any company/entity. Does not cost money. ...
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Is there an online tool for JSON values anonymization (to replace real values with random ones)?

I have an issue with generating client code from an OpenAPI JSON file and I have posted a question about it. However, I have to post the JSON and I have to anonymize it (replace real values with some ...
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Anonymous group video calls

I'd like to have a work meeting where all members are anonymous. Using Zoom and forcing all participants to download third-party software (such as video filters and voice changers) is not an option ...
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