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Is there an app that can read the clock out loud on a smart TV?

I just bought a smart TV with Android for a blind person. Now, he can listen to audio and songs on a flash drive or even from youtube. I would like to install an app that tells him the time every 15 ...
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1 answer

Free/fairly basic web browsers for Android TV

I'm trying to get a TV set up for my dad - it's running Android TV 11 - and I'm trying to essentially run something like Chrome without sideloading it, for accessing websites with media that don't ...
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0 answers

Is there a media server with player app for Android TV that can take screenshots?

I tried Plex, and it can stream Dolby Vision (the whole point why I'm even attempting to do this without PC connected to the TV), and could even control the UI with a PS5 controller. But I'm an ...
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Amazon Prime Video for Android TV

Android set top box (shipped rooted by manufacturer): KII_PRO_NOUGAT_DTV_GTVS_VSADV Amazon Prime Video for Android TV via Google Play installed. App works and play trailer - but not actually prime ...
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What PDF readers support lean back reading for Android box?

Most remote controls of Android boxes like MiBOX 3c only support Dpad, not mouse. Unfortunately, this means that a simple PDF reader does not necessary work with remote control, since it can't mimic a ...
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Software that lets you move a dancer by swiping through sequences of smileys on a keyboard

I am looking for an app that does the following: In the app, in the top part, there is a special robot called a dancer. In the bottom part, there is a keyboard, consisting of smileys (think of Google ...
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