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Interactive training and real life expectations app for becoming a parent

What software is available to get interested in the life of a virtual baby, day after day, while, immersing oneself in a virtual family setting (with its own rules and family roles, carried out by its ...
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Amazon Prime Video for Android TV

Android set top box (shipped rooted by manufacturer): KII_PRO_NOUGAT_DTV_GTVS_VSADV Amazon Prime Video for Android TV via Google Play installed. App works and play trailer - but not actually prime ...
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Is there an app that can read the clock out loud on a smart TV?

I just bought a smart TV with Android for a blind person. Now, he can listen to audio and songs on a flash drive or even from youtube. I would like to install an app that tells him the time every 15 ...
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What PDF readers support lean back reading for Android box?

Most remote controls of Android boxes like MiBOX 3c only support Dpad, not mouse. Unfortunately, this means that a simple PDF reader does not necessary work with remote control, since it can't mimic a ...
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