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Best software to run android apps on Linux

I am planning a migration from Windows to a Debian-based distro. I want to run a certain app that is only available as a mobile app. Is there any way to have applications control their own windows ...
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using sim data based applications (e.g tiktok) in china

Tiktok uses mobile information, if I have a sim on my mobile I can not use TikTok as I am in China. But on my tablet, I can use TikTok as the tablet does not have a sim. If I put my mobile on airplane ...
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Genymotion alternative with the same features

I am a developer and recently started working with React-Native to develop mobile app. Those started using Genymotion as emulator. But there is some issue with Genymotion. First off the emulator dose ...
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Android Emulator for development without Android Studio

I need to test apps against specific versions of Android for development purposes and am looking for an emulator to do that. Here are the requirements: Must be 100% FOSS Must work on x86_64 Linux ...
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Any good (lightweight) android emulator for bug bounty purposes?

I'm trying to do Security Research on Android Applications but I can't seem to find any good android emulators out there. I have installed MEMUPLAY which worked great until I've upgraded to Android 7 ...
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Any cloud mobile device provider whose devices I can embed on my website

I am looking for a cloud device provider who gives you the ability to embed the device on my website. I need for both Android and iOS device. I checked Aws Device farm but couldn't figure out if the ...
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Which linux distro is optimal to use Android Studio with no hiccups?

I have been using windows and I have ran into trouble a lot. First there were problems with maps API, now my emulator started slowing down. Its really frustrating. I searched the web and I keep ...
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Android Studio: Minimum API Level Selection

I am here to ask what minimum API level in Android Studio should I pick in order to allow my app to support most of the android devices? And what is the best targetSdkVersion?
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Android espresso test fast emulator

Most times I try recording android espresso test on the android studio in built emulator, but due to the very slow response rate of the emulator. I find it almost impossible to record a test ...
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Run multiple instances of an app all real time in android

I want to run multiple instances of an android app at the same time and all in real time . What's the best things I can do ? I tried using Nox player but it uses too much resource and only can run ...
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Sending Message from C# tool to android emulator in android Studio

I am currently working in android studio. I came across a problem where my application inside android emulator needs to get some information(like string msg, or integer etc) through an external tool(...
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