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Use this tag for recommendations about virtual alarm clocks. Please don't use it for anything related to physical alarm clocks, as they are off-topic for this site.

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Recommendation for Voice Memo Reminder/Alarm Software

All, Can you please recommend any app/software on either Windows or iPhone, that works as a Reminder/Alarm app but with the Voice Memo. Here are the scenarios. You attend a meeting and there are ...
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Simple commercially free alarm clock for Windows

I need a simple alarm clock for Windows 10 which should be free for commercial use. I searched on and the first choice was free alarm clock But it did not work at work for some ...
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Alarm Clock With Ability to Set Alarm in Future Date and time

I am looking for an alarm app for Android where you can set an Alarm for a specific time and date.
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Android Alarms every other day (or other non day specific interval)

In the default Android clock app, you can set an alarm for specific days of the week, but not a more flexible schedule such as repeating every other day or only the third Thursday of the month. Is ...
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Alarm app with adjustable snooze

I am very forgetful. I use an automation app to set alarms for every meeting and reminder. But I sometimes get alarms in the middle of something and need to snooze for a specific amount of time. I ...
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Mobile alerting app

I am looking for solution where I can send message from command line (which I can program) to a mobile device and it will sound alarm like alarm clock - regardless of volume it will be loud and it ...
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Android alarm app with repeating alarms

I'm looking for an Android alarm app that allows you to have repeating/recurring alarms. For example, I might want to have repeating alarms at 2pm every third Tuesday. I looked at Multi Timer ...
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a light GUI program for a chime at preset interval(s)?

I know 2 programs, that can do this already on linux: kalarm and alarm-clock-applet. Both are heavy, kalarm due to akonadi and about 200MB of dependencies, alarm-clock-applet takes up CPU time, when ...
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Is there an alarm clock app for Windows that has seconds precision feature? I.e., I want an alarm at 12:59:50 PM

On Windows 10, there's an app called "Alarms and Clock", but it doesn't have precision up to seconds, just minutes. I want an alarm at say 12:59:50PM, so 12:59PM with 10 seconds left. ...
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Syncing Google Calendar and phone alarms

Is there a good app that can sync phone alarms with Google calendar? Google alarms/notifications are passive and tend to get missed - would love an app that set off an alarm or phoned to alert to an ...
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Alarm that sounds upon reaching destination

Recently, my brother was taking a long late-night bus ride home and fell asleep. He ended up two towns too far, needing a ride home in the middle of the night. One could certainly set an alarm for x ...
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Android Alarm app where alarms can be set with a web interface

Is there an alarm app in Android that allows Alarms to be set from a web interface? I am extremely clumsy when typing on the phone and often mistype the alarm time or date. But I often have a need for ...
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Need timer that can auto close / open an application then open another

Does anyone know about a program that could auto-close just say for example a game on Steam at a certain time, then open Visual Studio and Firefox after that program closes? Tried looking for an hour ...
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Windows 10 alarm with option to silence / dismiss after specified time

The built-in Windows 10 Alarm does not have the option to silence / dismiss the alarm after a specified period of time (AFAIK). This is an issue when an alarm is scheduled as repeatable every day, re: ...
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Alarm Clock with song or playlist & no repeat

Would feel like a simple request but so far this one option has eluded me. So, I need an iOS alarm clock that will play a song or playlist as its alarm sound. The only feature I'm looking for that ...
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Android app to wake me up at my subway/train station

I almost never sleep in the subway because I am afraid of missing my station. I could set my alarm clock, but when sleepy I am not good at calculating how long it will take to get there. As most of ...
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Android alarm clock with gradual increase in alarm volume

I spent over an hour trying over a dozen Android alarm clocks, but none met my simple needs: Reliable Wakes you up gradually to a sound of your choosing Visually indicates the duration until alarm ...
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Android sensor monitoring app with threshold control

I am interested in the app which allows to monitor different built-in sensors of device (particularly ALS sensor) not only manually but also in unattended mode. And also it should include sending ...
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Multi-device alarm clock

I'd like to find an alarm clock/timer app that works on multiple devices. I'd like to just set a timer for 6 hours just before sleeping, after which my iPad, Android phone and laptop (Windows) ...
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Android alarm clock app that respects holidays

I wake up every workday to an alarm on my phone. This works pretty well, but the problem is that it also wakes me up on holidays when I have no work. Is there an android alarm clock app that lets me ...
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Android app to wake up with the Sun

I am looking for an alarm clock app for Android that sets the alarm according to the sunrise of my current location.
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