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Best plugin to manage ads - needs to substitute different ads at different widths

I've recently built a news site with WordPress (in the niche of watches - I'm about to integrate ads on the site. I'd like an ad manager that can handle using a skyscraper in ...
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Monetization/advertizing components for desktop apps

I intend to write a Windows desktop program which will provide the user a few very useful system configuration options. The application will be written in C# WPF (desktop, not universal app) and ...
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Desktop Advertisement API

I am looking for a simple advertisement API that works with C# and WPF. I looked on the internet some, and all I have been able to find is that people want to use Google's advertisement API is not ...
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ad blocker which blocks the ad, but makes the receiving party mark the ad as watched?

I was wondering if there is any ad blocker that still blocks the add, but makes the receiving ad party thinks the ad is being watched (and so generates income). I want to support some websites, bud I ...
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Is there software out that removes static porn ads from sites?

I want to get rid of flashing GIFS,png,jpg whatever file format.
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Google AdSense Alternative with PayPal as payment method

I am looking for Google AdSense Alternative with PayPal as a payment method. I am looking to find something similar to Google AdSense ads format. I am not planning to use annoying popups/popunders or ...
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Private ad server with bidding, keyword targeting and native advertisements

I have been searching, unsuccessfully, for an ad server that has the following: Native Advertisements Real time bidding for CPM/CPC Keyword targeting Context targeting would be great, too Advertisers'...
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How to automatically close a new tab/window opening automatically with specific web-address? [closed]

Is there a way to automatically close a new tab/window that pops up as advertisement and opening some specific web-page on it ? Is there any software to do this job ?
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Android app to scan other apps for ad libraries and report which libraries are used

Can anyone recommend an Android app to scan other apps for ad libraries and report which libraries are used by which apps? I had an app, I think by Lookout Security, that did exactly this. It worked ...
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Is there an international ppc system which allows private persons to advertise their personal websites?

I live in the European Union. I have a personal website about my home country's culture, habits, etc. written in Japanese and I want to advertise it for japanese users. I have no experience in ...
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Manage advertisements on my website

I have a website, currently it has static banner ads (hard-coded) I want a service where the ads on my website are dynamic and rotating between page loads and with the following functionality: I ...
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Rewarded video website for browser games/websites

I'm working on an online browser based game and looking at introducing rewarded videos for the users to get extra boost in the game. I could find plenty of rewarded video websites/services (adMob ...
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