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Monetization/advertizing components for desktop apps

I intend to write a Windows desktop program which will provide the user a few very useful system configuration options. The application will be written in C# WPF (desktop, not universal app) and ...
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Desktop Advertisement API

I am looking for a simple advertisement API that works with C# and WPF. I looked on the internet some, and all I have been able to find is that people want to use Google's advertisement API is not ...
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ad blocker which blocks the ad, but makes the receiving party mark the ad as watched?

I was wondering if there is any ad blocker that still blocks the add, but makes the receiving ad party thinks the ad is being watched (and so generates income). I want to support some websites, bud I ...
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Google AdSense Alternative with PayPal as payment method

I am looking for Google AdSense Alternative with PayPal as a payment method. I am looking to find something similar to Google AdSense ads format. I am not planning to use annoying popups/popunders or ...
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Private ad server with bidding, keyword targeting and native advertisements

I have been searching, unsuccessfully, for an ad server that has the following: Native Advertisements Real time bidding for CPM/CPC Keyword targeting Context targeting would be great, too Advertisers'...
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Is there an international ppc system which allows private persons to advertise their personal websites?

I live in the European Union. I have a personal website about my home country's culture, habits, etc. written in Japanese and I want to advertise it for japanese users. I have no experience in ...
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Manage advertisements on my website

I have a website, currently it has static banner ads (hard-coded) I want a service where the ads on my website are dynamic and rotating between page loads and with the following functionality: I ...
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