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Software type for processing an author's works

I look for a category of software, not concrete software packages. Of course if you name some, that wouldn't hurt. I am to process the works of an author. In the past century this was called writing ...
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Does a tool exist that allows one to comb through the ai literature?

Does a tool exists, and I am specifically thinking of something LLM-based, that allow to ask such things as for example : “make me a timeline of the major papers in the field of object detection”, “...
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How can I build an e-learning platform for a nursery school/kindergarten for remote education during the COVID-19 lock down?

We come across many LMS systems out there which are built mainly for companies or higher-education/professional courses. However, amidst the COVID-19 crisis when kindergarten kids are at home and it'...
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Percentage of open access publication for a given researcher

I am looking for a program, user script, API, or web tool that can indicate, for a given researcher, what percentage of their publication is open access.
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Annotate pdfs and insert pages

I teach mathematics in a university, often recording my lectures on a tablet (screencasting). Do you know if there is a PDF reader program that I can use during my lectures to: display slides from a ...
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Marking comments and annotations on top of a PDF

I occasionally receive PDFs on which I want to mark comments, or some points/segments of which I want to annotate somehow - similarly to what I would do with printed PDFs. This does not mean editing ...
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Replacing DOI links with open access DOI links

I am looking for a Google Chrome extension that replaces any link to[DOI] present on a webpage with some open access DOI resolver, e.g. or For example, if the link ...
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Open source GUI program for producing plots/graphs

tl;dr: Any suggestion on an Open-Source Software alternative to Grapher / Surfer / Origin / SigmaPlot? Details: As a scientist I explore and plot data all the time, so I need a quick and easy way to ...
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Reference Manager

I was using Mendeley for some time. Although I like some its features, it has serious limitations regarding space and, most of all, it doesn't make possible to use another cloud based storage service (...
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Online rich text editor with collaboration, tracking changes and markdown support?

I want to be able to modify a markdown document locally, while my collaborators can work on it in a rich text editor online via file sharing (e.g. powered by GitHub or Dropbox). The rich text version ...
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Sharing paper reading log and comments between lab members

Members of an academic or industrial research lab read papers that may interest other lab members. The comments they have on papers may also be worth sharing with other members of the lab. I'm looking ...
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