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Software that uses, manipulates, or creates a three-dimensional space.

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Open source 3D asset management (PHP/MySQL/HTML5)

I am looking for an asset management system which: I could run on our PHP/MySQL server. Could store files in a tree directory structure. Could either preview 3D file formats or would allow to add a ...
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Software to model car paint designs

I am looking for a software that allows me to model paint designs that I can apply to a car. My objective is to play with the paint designs that I can apply to a car before going to a body shop and ...
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Create seamless tileable images

What software can create a seamless tileable image from a resource image? I am familiar with the techniques in Photoshop, but I am more interested in software applications that are dedicated to this ...
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3d parametric/constraint modeling for Linux (Ubuntu)

I'm looking for a 3d modeling toolkit for Ubuntu Linux to replace Autodesk Inventor, which I had been running on an old Windows box. As I am working on projects with others that use Inventor, ...
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Using something similar to Google Earth as a view in my application

I would like to have a 3D GUI view in my application that shows the earth and objects located on and around the earth, which my application defines. I would also like the ability to customize the ...
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Automatic smartphone-based 3D room/environment model + textures creator

I want to walk around my rooms and streets with a smartphone (with camera on) and let the program create some textured 3D model (like a map in a video game). It does not need to be photo-perfect, but ...
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Software to straighten an oblique rectangle (due to picture perspective) to 2D rectangle

I took a picture of a plaque, but it is oblique due to the perspective. How do I straighten it to a 2D rectangle? Requirements: I would only have to click 4 points, push a button, and that's all. ...
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Rotatable 3D Models with realistic lighting

I am researching a method to train people to learn art (how to draw/paint) faster, and for this I need a utility that allows me to create simple 3D shapes in different lighting conditions with as ...
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Is there any good editor for 3D math scenes?

I was wondering if there is any useful editor for 3D math scenes out there. Something in style of a 3D editor like Blender, but with functionality like adding a line, plane or plot a function like in ...
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Open source 3D model viewer for Linux

I'm looking for something like open3mod, but for Linux. Hopefully something that supports .ac files. I know about g3dviewer, however I can't get it to compile on Arch Linux.
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Convert 2d image(s) to 3d model

I want to convert images / movies of real objects and scenes into virtual 3d objects. Any free or demo-able end user apps exist? Linux or Windows. As input, it should take multiple images. Videos ...
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Math equations software for 3D plotting

Is there a GUI based software that I can use to plot functions in 3D under Linux? Something with no frills but numerically correct, for example the "grapher" application under Mac OS is handy, but is ...
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