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Software that uses, manipulates, or creates a three-dimensional space.

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5 answers

Math equations software for 3D plotting

Is there a GUI based software that I can use to plot functions in 3D under Linux? Something with no frills but numerically correct, for example the "grapher" application under Mac OS is handy, but is ...
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A tool or software to draw 3D stacked blocks

I am looking for a relatively easy way to generate the following 3D graphics (In Windows, or Linux): I appreciate any recommendations
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3 votes
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Polyhedron visualisation

Is there a software that can create a 3D visualization of a polyhedron, based on inequations that define its delimiting planes, of the form A_1 x < b_1 A_2 x < b_2 A_3 x < b_3 Here an ...
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Software, in active development, for planetary or solar system generation

Mojoworld was a procedural planet generation software. However, development ceased over a decade ago, and the creator not only actively avoids answering any questions about possible future development ...
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