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Simple Markdown viewer for Ubuntu (standalone program, not something that requires usage of an internet browser)

I am looking for a Markdown viewer. It should: run locally on Ubuntu - be a normal program, not a browser addon, webapp or anything else that requires usage of an internet browser* Preferable: ...
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Markdown editor for OSX that includes a preview, ideally in real time?

I'm looking for a native OSX desktop application (needs to work offline) in which I can edit plain text documents, and preview how they'll look with markdown formatting applied. At a minimum, I need ...
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A good editor for technical tutorials on Mac?

I write a lot of tutorials and publish them as HTML. Usually, I type them directly in HTML but each time I use <code> tags to show a code example, I have to manually update the content of the ...
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Free Markdown editor for Windows with tabs, live-view, tables

This question is closely related to Markdown editor for Windows with inbuilt live viewer inside the editor itself, but has some additional requirements: Must run on Windows (cross-platform welcome) ...
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Markdown editor with preview supporting footnotes

I have a team of several people writing, translating, and editing whole books in Markdown format. The biggest issue I've run into so far is that none of the editors I've tried people on support ...
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Windows plain text editor that allows to bold/italicize/indent

I write quite a bit in plain text files. A simple text editor, like Notepad, meets most of my needs when writing plain text files. But sometimes being able to bold or italicize a word is very useful. ...
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Looking for Zettelkasten software meeting certain criteria

Recently, I realised that my heap of notes has grown too big, difficult to handle and includes notes stored in various formats. Looking for ways to escape from what is gradually turning into hurt ...
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Markdown parser and editor for nodejs

I am looking for a node.js markdown parser and editor with the following features: conversion to html pdf support of basic md syntax mathjax equations tables file attachments a HTML embeddable ...
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Edit rendered Markdown

Is there any Linux software where I could edit rendered Markdown (preview)? I know that I could edit the text file directly. But I was wondering if some software let me edit the rendered HTML and ...
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HTML variants of desktop markdown editors?

I'm currently using Typora as a markdown editor for keeping my notes. I really like the live rendering feature of it and that it does support HTML. I have been searching a lot for the best app for ...
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