Sometimes I find the need to "turn off" part of a display I'm using. For example, I might move my laptop in front of the display to save space, and I no longer can see the bottom half of the external display. It would be nice if I could disable this part of the screen so that the experience of dragging windows is seamless.

It must:

  • Support OS X Mavericks, and ideally Yosemite
  • Allow me to disable a part of the screen, in such a way that the "usable" screen is still rectangular. Disable means:

    • Shows a black / flat-colored background on the disabled part of the screen.
    • Shows in System Preferences as a screen of the size I chose, so that I can arrange it properly.
  • Be relatively easy to use. Command line solutions are perfectly fine
  • Support displays over Thunderbolt with a VGA adapter.

Is there any software that will do this?



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