Is there any Chrome extension which can manage lots of tab - to counter too many tabs in Chrome?

I often open a lot of tabs and during work I forget to close them.

So I am looking for an extension to manage my (many) open tabs in Google Chrome.


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You can use TooManyTabs for Chrome:

  • shows you all the tabs with a preview
  • can suspend tabs to save memory
  • backup open tabs to Google Drive (optional)
  • 'you are here' for open tab
  • search open tabs
  • set shortcut to open TooManyTabs
  • customizable background color
  • recently closed tabs shown as well (optional)


enter image description here

Settings page:

enter image description here


You can also use OneTab

It saves all the opened links into a tab there by reducing all the tabs in one with a single click on the extension. You also have the option to share the page containing all the links to facebook or email them .

Very simple interface.

Doesn't consume lot of RAM.

Your chrome browsing experience also increases because of less RAM consumption.

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