Whenever I have to fetch someone from the airport I usually arrive at the airport on the estimated arrival time, so I waste time in the arrival hall.
On the opposite, when I am the passenger, I would like to give my friends a reasonable meeting time so that they don't wait for me, but even with a margin it is hard to get it right.

I am looking for an app that a reasonable estimate how long it takes to get through. I would presumably have to input:

  • Destination airport
  • Origin airport
  • Time of arrival
  • Nationality
  • Whether the passenger already has a visa or does not need one
  • Class of travel
  • Whether the passenger has anything to declare at customs
  • Whether the passenger has any checked-in luggage
  • Flight number (a perfect app would check for delays, identify whether the carousel has started delivering luggage, etc)

A rough estimate is OK, or better a low/average/high estimate.
Bonus if the app allows the user to press a button when the passenger arrives, sending data for the developers to improve the algorithm.


  • Webapp or Android app
  • Free, ideally open source

Inspired from travel.stackexchange.com

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    I would suggest that any current security flags in the country of arrival might also be relevant. – Steve Barnes Jul 19 '14 at 8:37

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