I'm looking for a software which can replace my Excel solution I'm using now. I create tasks in an Excel file, people concerned can take it from a share folder, see if any work needs to be done, if so update the file and send it back.

This solution is quite awful to be honest.

What I need:

  • Build data from a CSV file (not necessarily like Excel, could be a ticketing software for example)
  • Mass task edition (multiple edition in one time)
  • Manage permissions (people concerned can only change a row or a cell)
  • Bug tracker (like on GitHub)
  • Open source is a must

I know this is a very specific question but if anyone has a solution (or several of them which could work together) it will help my searches a lot.

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There are several task management applications that may fit your needs. This is what I use:

bumpy-booby - Simple, responsive and highly customizable PHP bug tracking system (Demo)

  • Can import export/export to JSON (easily convertible to/from CSV)
  • Supports user groups and read/write permissions for each.
  • No database server required, easy setup (just upload the files to your web server)
  • Free Open Source Software (MIT license)

Although it is mainly designed for bug tracking, you can easily use it to keep track of tasks/todo lists, share files...

TinyIssue is an alternative which is less bug-tracking oriented, but misses some important features.

  • First, thanks for your answer but I'll need more information about bumpy-booby. Maybe I didn't see it but dumpy-booby doesn't display data from a JSON file, it creates task from it right ? I really need to be able to see all raws from my CSV (like on Excel or any ticketing software).
    – Manu Baud
    Commented Jul 21, 2014 at 8:23

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