I have started using my tablet for reading EPUBs and I have found a lot of differents versions of the same book.

So, is there any application that allows me to compare, i.e., to see both versions in a two-divided screen?

In fact I thought it would be easier to find it because it is such a useful utility! I have tried the 10 most used application for reading EPUBs and no single one allows me to do this.


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Just for completeness, let me repeat the recommendation I gave on Android.SE:

There's EPUB3 Reader available on F-Droid and Github (not on Google Play – though an app using the same package name exists there, it's not the same, but obviously based on the original developers engine; long story behind that, not fitting here). Its app description explicitely mentions this feature:

  • parallel texts (e.g., original text and its translation into another language).

Find some screenshots here. Picking one example:

EPUB3 Reader

Looks exactly like what you're after.

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