I am looking for a CMIS browser that runs in a web browser.

General requirements:

  • Nothing server-side, everything runs in the browser
  • Compatible with any CMIS 1.0 and CMIS 1.1 server
  • Open source, preferably GNU-LGPL or compatible
  • Runs in at least Firefox/Chrome/IE
  • Customizable CSS

Required features:

  • Browse folders and files, with paging
  • Navigation breadcrumb
  • Download a file
  • Upload a file (if allowed)
  • Delete a file
  • View metadata
  • Edit metadata
  • Search the repository by filename
  • Search the repository by full text
  • File/folder history
  • Check-in/check-out


  • Show thumbnails if available, icons otherwise
  • Upload several files by HTML5 drag-and-drop
  • Text file edition
  • ACE/policies management

Alfresco HTML5 Client is pretty close, but:

  • It is hard-coded to use the Alfresco CMIS server
  • Even if I were to modify the hard-coded parts, the login part is Alfresco-specific.

Alfresco HTML5 Client

Apache OpenCMIS Browser is a good start, but it misses many features:

OpenCMIS Browser


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