As online websites don't respect privacy, I don't want to use them to merge videos.

I want a simple lightweight fast software that can easily merge 2 or more videos and give the best output.

I have already tried openshot and shotcut but there are few issues.

  • I have to manually choose the output dimensions and even choose the output quality %.
  • After opening videos I have to drag them to timeline and merge them which is issue.
  • I have to manually choose aspect ratio. Which I don't know how to do. For example, if 1st video is 360x480 and second video is 644x720. Then what should be output resolution?
  • If I mess with sequence of videos in the timeline then I have to delete whole timeline and start again.

I know these things are not a big issue for someone who uses these kind of software regularly but as I am new so I want something simple.

What I want:

  • Simple drag and drop
  • Ability to put something like part1, part2 after one video ends.
  • Automatically chooses the best aspect ratio, that will not let video quality deteriorate.
  • Fast

I want something as simple as these kind of websites can do.


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