I want to create a cross-platform mobile app with notifications and am looking at different options. I'm going to be the only developer, and i've developed on Android previously and am learning JavaScript at the moment. (Here are some notes about the project as a whole: link)


  • Cross-platform - mainly iOS+Android (bonus: web)
  • Free/libre and gratis
  • Notifications (to be sent in the morning and evening)
  • Local storage

I'm developing on Ubuntu and have access to a Windows computer and Android Phone. MacOS and iOS is harder for me to get though. So cross-compiling (or similar) is a bonus, but not a requirement

What i've found so far

I've been looking into PWAs during the last week, but from what i can understand it seems they cannot reliably send background notifications when running through Safari on iOS (see table here).


What framework would you recommend that i use?


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