I am looking for a self-hosted and minimalist VoIP chat system. It will run locally on my computer and will listen on a TCP port for incoming VoIP connections. It only needs one-on-one chat abilities, and the remote side should access it via HTTP in their browser and must not be required to download some app.


  • Very lightweight, ideally CLI
  • Serves the client over HTTP for browsers (e.g. on LAN, dynamic DNS etc)
  • Supports TCP and can handle high latencies
  • Uses Opus for audio
  • Encryption and authentication is not necessary

One reason I want it to be minimalist is so that I can hack in changes if necessary (like making Opus CBR if it is not already). If nothing like this exists then I could hack the server side together myself as long as there's a JS library out there for a minimalist VoIP client.

I've looked into Jitsi and Mumble (Murmur) and they are far too heavy for my purposes.


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