I have some old videos I made 15 years ago. Quality is very poor, it's really compressed and I have some glitches because video importation was very buggy at hthis time.

I want to try some programs which will be able to enhance these videos using AI.

I can even code this if there is just a model available. I search for a MacOS or Linux tool. I prefer if it's open source.

Do you know where I can find a good tool for that ? I tried some but quality was not that good. If there is no program do to it, how can I proceed in order to train my model ? I don't know if it's a good way to do it since it requires a lot of videos to do it...


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Blender Palladium addon is an implementation of a local offline front end for several AI tools and various models using Blender Video Sequence Editor as it interface.

It is free and open source and runs locally over Blender which is also free and open source. Doesn't require internet connection for operation, but does need an internet connection to set up initially, since each AI model download requires several gigabytes.

Among many other features it can make make video upscaling and improvement. From the feature list, emphasis mine


Text to video Text to audio
Text to speech Text to image
Image to image Image to video
Video to video Image to text
ControlNet OpenPose
Canny Illusion
Multiple LoRAs Segmind distilled SDXL
Seed Quality steps
Frames Word power
Style selector Strip power
Batch conversion Batch refinement of images.
Batch upscale & refinement of movies. Model card selector.
Render-to-path selector. Render finished notification.
Model Cards One-click install and uninstall dependencies.
User-defined file path for generated files. Define the location for storing generated files.
Seed and prompt added to strip name. Include seed and prompt information in the strip name.

May not be adequate for you because MacOs is not officially supported (though it may work with third party support), and requires a good NVidia graphics card with CUDA processing capabilities.


Acutually, open source free video enhance models are a bit hard to find, but I know of a software.It offers a 30 day free trial. Maybe you can try it. UniFab Video Enhancer which can improve video quality with AI.

It is user-friendly and supports upscale video resolution,remove video noise, and convert sdr to hdr(this is what attracts me most)enter image description here And you can see the results compared with avclabs, another well known video enhancement program, which is still good.

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