Is there a local password manager that automatically maintains a list of recently- or frequently-used passwords separately from seldom-used ones?

Ideally but optionally:

  • uses psafe3 format
  • available for Linux, Windows, and Android

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Yes: https://www.enpass.io/ this manifests itself as means to sort results (of search entries) to put the recent ones in a separate group above "Rarely" and "Never" used.

Enpass is available for Linux, Windows, Android, yes. Plus iOS, MacOSX.

Doesn't use psafe3 format, but it's possible to Export from PasswordSafe. It's a rip the plaster-off thing and invest the time. I don't regret moving to Enpass since the browser integration is something that I never had with PasswordSafe.

I am not quite sure how frequency of usage is determined it might one of these methods:

  1. You used the browser integration and this clocks a usage
  2. You opened the entry and used a Copy button
  3. You opened the entry
  • Hrm. It never occurred to me that there might be such a thing as a password manager that isn't free... Commented Apr 21 at 1:15

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