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I got a bachelor's degree in math a few years ago, but the curriculum was almost entirely on paper so we weren't exposed to any software, languages, or other digital tools for working with numbers. I regularly find myself wanting to apply the concept to model, simulate, and visualize things like:

  • real world scenarios that depend on decision making (traffic, consumer habits)
  • financial modeling, risk analysis, investment projection
  • modeling with context-specific variable types (number, date, location, etc.)
  • physics calculations (force/load, fluid dynamics, energy)
  • pattern analysis/prediction/fit
  • live data that I can eventually hook up to automated/IOT
  • cool ways of visualizing/connecting complex concepts for teaching kids math

I'm looking to learn, and would love suggestions ranging from hobbyist to industry level. Free is best but if it's useful I would pay. Assume I know nothing, but can learn anything. I have experience working with 3D modeling software (Onshape, fusion, solidworks), but only to make 3D parts, have to run the numbers. I also have experience with Tableau and have worked on coding projects in C++, Python, Java, HTML, but never applied like this.


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