I have to create a set of C++ Linux applications

  • some being REST servers
  • some being REST clients

and I am at the stage of selecting good candidates frameworks for that.
I will use C++ 20, or at least 17 for implementation.

When I watch the OpenApi Generator list, server section page, it complies with:

  1. cpp-pistache-server
    "Pistache hasn't yet hit the 1.0 release. This means that the project is unstable but not unusable"

  2. cpp-qt-qhttpengine-server Qt centered I think

  3. cpp-restbed-server restbed looks abandonned

There others API that looks active, like Boost
but they have no C++ generator from a yaml 3.x OpenApi spec.

Therefore, I'm wondering:

If I am willing to create some C++ applications, some being REST servers, some being REST clients, but all relying on yaml OpenApi specifications,
what would you recommend me to start with?


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