I'm looking for an open source program to organize my documents. One program that seems to meet all my needs is paperless-ngx, but it is not a local program. Another one that comes very close is Zotero, but this is a program more focused on citations.

Something important for me is that the program is local and that it works on Windows. It's for personal use and I don't want to have to use Docker or something similar. Other programs that seem to satisfy what I'm looking for are for example papermerge, Docspell, but these are server type.

I need a program which can:

  • Store and index of documents (PDF -- If it supports other formats it would be great, but in the end I can convert to PDF)
  • Organize files into folders.
  • Tags, manual descriptions
  • Find documents by tags, name, date, description
  • Text is extracted from all files (OCR) to be available for full-text search.

In addition to being a local program, it is very important that I can search in my files, these are already organized in folders, I would like to improve this organization now with tags, descriptions and observations.

I managed to find local programs that are very good for searching within documents, but I can't organize my files, they are only for searching. For exemple Paperwork and Docfecher

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    What have you looked at, and what were their failings? Have you looked for any (e.g., non-FOSS) solutions, and then perhaps asked alternativeto.net about alternatives to it? Commented Mar 29 at 11:47
  • @JeffZeitlin I've amended my question to include a little more information. I found programs like Paperwork, but it works more like a search engine than a way for me to organize my documents.
    – Mrcrg
    Commented Mar 29 at 19:41


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