Jakarta XML Binding is a standard API defined in Jakarta EE.

I have found only implementation, Eclipse Implementation of JAXB™. Bundled with Glassfish app server, and perhaps others.

Are there any other implementations from which to choose?

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EclipseLink MOXy

One I discovered by accident is EclipseLink MOXy. See brochure page. This open-source library is part of the EclipseLink project, but does work separately as an implementation of the Jakarta XML Binding Specification.

I have tried swapping EclipseLink MOXy for Eclipse Implementation of JAXB™ in a simple example app; the swap worked without a problem. Otherwise I no nothing about this product, and have not used it productively.

Find Maven coordinates at a Maven repository such as this. For example:

<!-- https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.eclipse.persistence/org.eclipse.persistence.moxy -->

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