I'm looking for a web-based collaborative solution for managing the pricing (sales and purchases) of many product references. I couldn't find any existing solution matching my company's needs as they actually consist in a three tiers relationship between products, markets, and suppliers.

  • a same product may have several suppliers who define a different purchase price
  • a same product may be sold to different markets (countries) with specific currency, price and discount
  • when a product has several suppliers, these are manually sorted. This allows the selection of the best supplier within the order creation process

Has anyone worked with this kind of tool already ?

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The company I work for has a product which can do about 70% of what you need. If you can afford to shelf over money for this, I suggest to contact them. I’ve asked a coworker who knows about it, and he told me to relay the following information (I’ve omitted a few details):

RUPIO is a web application which supports pricing managers in their task to set prices and implement pricing strategies. Here is a (German-language) page with more infos and contact points, and this is an English one-pager (PDF). You can contact either the Romanian or German office in English.

You can combine it with COPIO – English one-pager, and the (German language) website.

Operational tool

  • Matches your internal structure (Category hierachy / regions)
  • Supports multiple pricing policies & strategies (Cost plus pricing, Price Flooring, competition based pricing);
  • Hierarchical pricing rules aproach, for easy maintennance of the rules;
  • Uses market seggregation (multiple meta attributes)
  • Rule based pricing - uses state of the art, advanced rules engine; Rules are admninistrable at multiple levels, using UI
  • Role based activities (admin  / supervisor / category manager) that accomodates your existing organizational infrastructure
  • Advanced Security and Permission management
  • Multi attribute, multi dimensional pricing -
  • Powerfull filters to narrow down pricing execution
  • Massive computing calculations (e.g. gracefully supports over 100 000 products in a multi store environment - over 100 stores)
  • Adjustable workflows
  • Automatic / schedulable actions
  • Multiple price validation rules (threshold and rules based)
  • Overwritable decisions (manual overwrite of prices on a easy to use interface)
  • Powerfull, feature rich easy to use UI
  • Web interface
  • Export  /import from Excell
  • Supports product bundling pricing
  • Integrates with promotion management tools
  • Promotion management capabilities

Analytical tool

  • Embeds and integrates reporting and BI capabilities
  • Offers in app charts and hystorical information to assist a better pricing decision

Predictive analysis

  • estimate the impact of price changes

Price execution and management

  • Operations are audited
  • Automatic publishing tool (JMS / ESB / direct database access, flat files, etc)
  • Export of prices
  • Schedulable actions

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