I'm looking for a locally installed tool for creating and managing workflows for DevOps work.

Please note I'm not looking for a CI/CD tool such as Jenkins. I'm not interested in building pipelines but in building workflows. Of course I can do whatever with a pipeline as well but I'm finding that my work as devops consists of workflows. These workflows include automated steps (sometimes running a pipeline) and manual steps as well.

I've selected some options to look from this list on GitHub but I figured I can ask here for recommendations.

I have very basic requirements:

  • Can run a script in chosen script engine (bash, pwsh, etc.) as part of a task in the workflow. Show output, error output etc.
  • Has a nice graphical UI and the workflow is manageable/editable in a graph.
  • You can clearly see states of individual steps in a running instance of a workflow. Passed, failed, etc.
  • Has a support for a manual step. This is an important requirement for me. If there is a manual step, the workflow engine must wait for a human intervention either to just confirm something or to give the workflow engine necessary data that are used in further steps.

Bonus points:

  • User, role, permission management
  • Workflow categorization
  • OIDC authentication

In the list mentioned above I see Airflow and DolphinScheduler have most stars but they seem to be built specifically for working with data so I'm not sure about that.

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Several hours in my research I think I found exactly what I wanted - Windmill

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