I am in search of a Chrome extension that enhances my browsing efficiency by allowing me to use URL aliases. Specifically, I need the functionality to create shortcuts for URLs so that I can navigate more quickly within the same webpage.


  • Alias Creation: The ability to define short, memorable aliases for long URLs. For example, I'd like to set up an alias such as "sf/flow" that would redirect me to "/lightning/setup/Flows/home" on the same site.

  • Context-Sensitive Redirection: The extension should be smart enough to apply the alias based on the current page's base URL. This means if I'm on https://asd.lightning.force.com/ and I use the alias "sf/flow", it should redirect me to https://asd.lightning.force.com/lightning/setup/Flows/home without needing to reload the page or navigate away.

  • Ease of Use: Ideally, the extension should be user-friendly, allowing for easy management (addition, deletion, modification) of aliases.

Use Case:

As a frequent user of Salesforce's Lightning interface, I often find myself navigating to the Flows setup page. Currently, this requires manual navigation through the Salesforce interface or typing out the full URL. I'm looking for a solution that simplifies this process, saving time and enhancing productivity.


  • I do not need the extension to sync aliases across devices.
  • The visual design of the extension's interface is not a primary concern, as long as it's functional and intuitive.

I appreciate any recommendations or insights from those who have used similar tools or know of extensions that meet these criteria. Thank you in advance for your help!

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In the end I've come up with my personal Tampermonkey script which is run on specific websites and do exactly what I wanted.

Did not found any specialized software.

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