I'm looking for a download manager that can be run as a simple executable from a folder in an external drive plugged into a Windows 10 computer, run as an unprivileged user. The use case is that I want to load it with a list of downloads at home (where I connect to the internet through a metered cell connection) and run the actual downloading from this other computer that has broadband, so that the files are stored in a folder path relative to the program's, or one that I choose for the session.

I'm mainly interested in standard protocols like HTTP and FTP. As a secondary priority, file sharing sites, such as MEGA, GDrive, Dropbox, etc. And as a prescindible third, P2P. I prefer open source.

  • Hello, you shouldn't post comments as answers. Also, you hjaven't mentioned GUI in your question, which should be as detailed as possible. How should it exactly work, load a txt file with URLs to download?
    – Destroy666
    Commented Jan 25 at 22:04

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One possible solution is to use wget. It can download from list of URLs like this:

wget -i list_file

It support HTTP, FTP URLs. For other protocols you can check curl

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