I want to register a trademark, have 10-20 possible names such as fiestafizz (not a real name, only for illustration), and am conducting a search about similar-sounding names. (If a similar trademark is already registered in similar classes, the Intellectual Property Office has immediate grounds for refusal, resulting in waste of time and money.) For each candidate name, I want a software that gives the most similar names, ranked by Levenshtein edit distance.

I can search for variations on a name, say f??stafizz at the WIPO or the EUIPO, but there's a huge number of variations to search for to reach an edit distance of 4 or 5. I searched online for python scraper trademark registrations edit distance and found no tool of the sort. Commercial tools do this type of search, but it's not automated and very expensive ($3-6k per name), and they do not rank the results by similarity.

Is there a software tool or a Python package that does this type of scraping or search on existing trademarks by edit distance?

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    If anyone decides to build a script to search Trademarks, in addition to letter substitution, you may also want to include a "Sounds like" parameter in your search criteria. Soundex is the most famous of these types of searches (here is a good explanation on Ancestry.com: support.ancestry.com/s/article/…) The Trademark search page includes something similar using Phonetic Equivalents (Section 201): altlegal.com/blog/… Just something to consider
    – Earl
    Commented Jan 22 at 21:39


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