PyRoom seems to be spottily maintained and only works with Python 2 so I'm looking for a replacement:

  • distraction-free writing, nothing but the text preferably,
  • pleasant or configurable fonts, text size, and colors,
  • flat files storage preferred,
  • simple to maintain: packaged would be best,
  • easy to call in a script with a fresh note/file.

Nothing more really. Even a spellcheker would be more of a distraction than a feature. What would you recommend?

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In my default Ubuntu installation 22.04, I can tweak the default TextEdit to look like this (Showing also the "Options" dialog", sorry I've only the German version 😅):

Minimal TextEdit

I've disabled the options

  • Show line numbers
  • Show status bar

Maybe for you also the option "Highlight current line".

For your other request:

Other fonts


easy to call in a script with a fresh note/file

Not sure what your usecase is but you could do gedit anyfile.txt and it will be opened in the editor:

enter image description here


I use Bluefish for simple text-editing tasks, say for pasting in the current contents of my clipboard.

Bluefish has a very low startup time and (with plugins) it can be tweaked to do medium-complexity tasks, e.g. sort a text file; include a linter; perform a regex-based search+replace.

It cannot do pretty text formatting or WYSIWYG editing, it resembles more a slim IDE. It can be installed from the Linux repositories.

enter image description here

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