I'd eventually like to

  • edit 52*18=936 videos (one for each week of my son's life up til age 18) down to three seconds each
  • stitch them together as a single video file
  • add some music over it, and
  • maybe add some text (e.g., dates).

I'd mildly prefer the following:

  • desktop software (Windows) over mobile apps or web apps
  • software that integrates with Google Photos
  • software which is free
  • software which doesn't have that steep of a learning curve

I've come across the following software:

CapCut, DaVinci Resolve, Kapwing, Adobe Express, OpenShot, Lightworks, Hitfilm Express, Blender.

There are puts and takes with each. What software would you recommend, on this list or otherwise?

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Of your requirements, the learning curve is rather arbitrary. With YouTube and other resources, the learning curve for your choice should not be a limiting factor.

Free means that Kdenlive fits that notch. It's platform flexible, Windows, MacOS, Linux, no mobile devices.

All of the other requirements are managed "easily enough" by Kdenlive, especially if you consider performing, for example, a search using terms such as "Kdenlive add text to video."

Consider that Blender is a 3D modeling program and to the best of my understanding, not a video editor.

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