Is there an online (no software to install) free tool that:

  • allows to crop a video in space (i.e. modify the top left and bottom right corners)
  • allows to crop a video in time (example: only keep from 0'20" to 0'35" and discard the rest)
  • or both
  • does not require uploading the video to a server on internet, but instead works locally in the browser (probably with some JS and/or WASM librairies that can edit MP4)


Thanks in advance!

  • I would name OpenShot as a multi-platform video-editing tool but it is an application rather than a web-app. But OpenShot does all the things except for the "browser"/JS part.
    – jmizv
    Dec 7, 2023 at 14:53

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I would forget the "browser" requirement.

Think in terms of "Portable" This means no installation. You can run it even from a USB.

Look at Virtual Dub 2. IT can crop both, dimensions and duration.

In some cases, when cropping frames you can re-save without recompressing the video.

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