The task I want to accomplish, requirements for that task:

I'm currently in the process of selecting a build tool for a new React SPA project (without SSR or server components). The requirements are:

  • the tool should be SPA focused, not full-stack, or SSR
  • the tool should seamlessly (officially) support popular component libraries like MUI, should not be via some snippets someone posted
  • (optional) the tool should have out of the box (or officially provided) integration with linting tools, formatting tools, TypeScript, React Testing Library, i.e. developers' experience and quality tools.

What I already know:

The official React documentation suggests frameworks like Next.js, Remix, and Gatsby, but doesn't focus much on build tools for a pure React SPA, without SSR (like it was for CRA).

What about Vite, Webpack or Parcel? If they are barely mentioned in the official React docs, does it mean they are not "preferred" (future-proof) options?



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