I'm looking for a free and libre Android app to use as driver's logbook. Even a simple manual one would do for starters – but data must be stored locally, not in the cloud.


  • Android
  • free and libre
  • sufficient details for tax purposes (i.e. logs mileage status at start, has fields for purpose, location etc)
  • can export to a "generic" format (PDF, CSV, …)
  • all data is stored on-device (storing to a self-hosted server e.g. Nextcloud is acceptable)

Much appreciated:

  • uses metric units (kilometers; of course no problem if it can use imperial miles as well)
  • fills start/end via GPS/network-location
  • uses Nominatim to convert coordinates to location names
  • allows for fuel logs as well


  • OBDII support for additional details
  • lets me mark frequent locations¹/purposes to select from (so I'd not have to enter the same data over and again)
  • asks me whether to start/stop a journey when a connection to OBDII/the-car is established/lost (so I cannot forget to "stamp in/out")


  • mandatory cloud storage
  • bound to a service requiring registration
  • requirement to connect it with the car's "entertainment system" (or any other car systems apart from ODBII); optional connections are acceptable as long as they are OFF by default and it's guaranteed they stay off unless I explicitly tell the app otherwise
  • ATS (Ad and Tracking Services / libraries)

Ideally, the app and its source are available from a publicly reachable forge (like Codeberg.org, GitLab, Github – a self-hosted Gitea/Forgejo of course is fine, too). My searches at F-Droid.org as well as at the mentioned forges came up empty so far, but I might have used the wrong search terms.

PS: Should there be any developers here considering writing such an app, I'd also volunteer as tester (though my trips are not that frequent).

¹ Nominatim is nice, but sometimes you'd want the name of the person/company instead of the street address


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