Looking for a low cost(free) network monitor for endpoints that will actively monitor network connections for ANY network related issue on itself or it's network segment. I'm looking for more than a ping test from a centralized server. The endpoint agent should monitor for traffic issues and connected port issues. It should also run little speed tests either internally or to a url on a schedule and alert on issues. My goal is to never get a call from a user saying their internet is slow without me being alerted to that fact first.

  • And the OS of endpoints is? Moreover you need monitoring platform, endpoints are just endpoints... Nov 12 at 18:32
  • Mostly Windows 11 and Chrome OS. Just looking for more than a single server polling and pulling information from snmp. Agents typically have access to better information and having alternate sources of monitoring has it's benefits too.
    – Eric
    Nov 13 at 6:05
  • Usually monitoring agents are specific to to the monitoring platform. You can check Prometheus and compatible agents (for example node_explorer ) Nov 13 at 6:28


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