I am looking for microscope camera (AMSCOPE MU1003B USB3 10Mpx) software to run on the IPAD7 (OIS 17.1.1), and also to run on an Android smart cell phone (Note5).

To be clear, the IOS and Android solutions are most probably two separate software products, not one product that would run on both OSs.

I have Spoken with Logitech, Apple, AMSCOPE, Google, Bard, etc. looked and can not find any. I am told it does not exist. Again, I do not believe it. Is anyone aware of any such software that works?

  • I verified the camera does not use proprietary hardware or custom USB pin outs. Both the camera and AMSCOPE software is open source. Nothing held back or proprietary. What software product is out there that will run this camera on an iPad7 running OIS 17.1.1?
    – Whs
    Nov 17 at 17:07


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