I'm looking for a photo morphing software that I can use to obtain something like this:


It's strange I cannot find one online and most of the questions here on Software Recommendations are unanswered.

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I have not used one in decades. But in reality, there are a ton of them.

One problem is that they are cheap software, that says they are free but in reality cost around $30. So I have not tried any of them in years. And I am more "picky" on what I install on my computers now, so I do not try anymore. And I can not recommend any of them. :(

One option is using Blender, which is a reliable and robust software, and deforming the mesh. There are some tutorials on YouTube. Some really old, but here is one with the current interface.

But the dedicated ones are way, way easier and faster. The tutorial itself is 15 mins long and that can be done in 3.


I have used Blender a lot and I'm not sure it would be the best tool for morphing. There are a lot of "cheap" morphing software tools out there. None of them seem great. I have had a lot of success with Morpheus Photo Morpher. It's about $40. It works and it's easy. However, I was ready to move up to something more professional in morphing. So far, I haven't found anything better. All of them seem to be in that "cheap" category. i.e. they do the job and they are less than $40. Doesn't any company out there make PROFESSIONAL morphing software? Anyway, until I find something better, Morpheus Photo Morpher seems to be the best I've seen. There is one out there called "Morph Age" and I've seen the word "professional" used to describe it. However, it's Mac only and I'm not a Mac user, so I have not been able to try it out. I am continuing my search for a serious pro-level piece of morph software.

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I use blender,it is free and powerful.


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