I have many emails to manage, 20+, and it helps greatly if I have an app that encompasses all of them in one inbox, and that's what I have got in my Apple iPhone's default mail app.

However, I want the same experience on my Windows 10 Desktop, most mail apps will only give you separate inboxes for each one.

The outlook app doesn't allow this "joint inbox" if I might say. And the Windows Mail App does support it, but then you won't be able to see each mail's inbox separately as well.

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I tried Postbox a while ago, but ended up not using it. However, it will do what you want.

Some relevant Features

  • Account Groups Postbox Account Groups lets you organize accounts into groups. Create separate groups to hold your "personal" and "work" accounts, then unify them into one view.
  • Smart Folders A Smart Folder displays email messages that are stored in other folders and that meet certain criteria you specify. For example, a Smart Folder could include all the messages you receive from a specific person, regardless of which folders the messages are stored in.

The licence is only $49, one off. Disclaimer - I am not associated with it in any way.


For managing lots of emails, Thunderbird is a solid choice. It's free, user-friendly, and offers great organization features like customizable folders and filters. Plus, it supports multiple email accounts, making it ideal for handling a high volume of messages efficiently. Regards: Shao60

  • BUT does it allow for merging all the mailboxes? Apr 25 at 14:06

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