I've been trying out a few todo lists lately and I'm not sure I have found what I'm looking for yet.

My criteria:

  • Mobile/Windows/Linux capable
  • Can be a free or paid web application.
  • Prefer it to be hosted or self hosted so I can centralize my checklists.
  • Access history in case I need to review an issue that came up previously
  • Hide completed tasks Share lists with spouse (I work with with her also)
  • Individual checklists for work/personal/etc
  • Attachments - Need to be able to add attachments such as pdfs, markdown files, config files, images, etc.
  • Priority Oriented
  • Notes on each todo list item

Nice features to have:

  • Subtasks
  • Google (or any) Calendar integration
  • be able to log events with date and time in the individual notes of each item

I'm in the IT field and I was keeping my todo lists in Toodledo. I started having issues with attachments and too many notes so I moved to a local system. I need it accessible from home/work/phone/etc since I use it for personal tasks also.

I know most of these features are covered by a lot of Todo lists out there but I need something a little more involved than a basic todo list. Maybe a different approach? I don't know, maybe you guys have an idea?

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I am using Asana. It is available on multiple platforms, which means it is in the cloud. It has all the features you are looking for.

I use the free version, which is single user. For your case there will be a charge, unless you use the same login. It handles tasks, lists, projects, subtasks etc. You can tag the tasks with dates, priorities and users. Completed tasks are still viewable.

  • ty I'll check it out!
    – ErocM
    Commented Oct 19, 2023 at 21:12

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