Android app which detects snoring or sleep anomalies by recording audio (it doesn't need to analyze it itself). I tried the haven app, but it doesn't work on Android 13.

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Sleep as Android by Petr Nálevka claims to detect snoring (which is associated with obstructive sleep apnea).

I have personally used Sleep as Android, and it is quite good. I have not, however, used the specific feature to detect snoring. If I recall correctly, it is so advanced that you can sync it with another device to filter out snoring from a bed partner.

The official website is:

The link to the app on Google's Play store is:

The link to the paid unlocker on Google's Play store is:

The paid unlocker unlocks additional features. I don't know if the paid unlocker is needed for the snore detection feature.

One of the many things I like about Sleep as Android is that the developer(s) is/are constantly improving it. Updates are frequent (once or twice per month) and add new functionality plus fix known bugs.

I have personally recommended Sleep as Android to quite a few people, and I've never heard a complaint. Everyone seems to like it.

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