As a macOS user - I'm used to there being a native digital color meter to snag / inspect the RGB colors on screen so I can match things from the web / documents or slide decks.

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I'd prefer a native / first party solution (ideally one not requiring admin permissions to install / activate), but good tools of any persuasion are always worth a consideration.

What options exist on the Windows (10 or later) side to get this function on Windows OS?


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I recommend Just Color Picker from AnnyStudio.

Here's why I like it so much:

  1. It's portable software
  2. It consists of just 1 small executable file (and a tiny .ini file for your saved settings)
  3. It's reliable - I've never had it crash
  4. It supports dark and light themes
  5. It supports a wide array of colour formats
  6. It supports a user-definable keyboard shortcut to capture the colour under the cursor
  7. It's cross-platform (available for macOS & Windows... and hopefully Linux someday!)
  8. The developer is very friendly & is open to suggestions
  9. It's freeware, and the nice developer only encourages donations to worthy causes, which I think is very cool

Just Color Picker screenshot
source: annystudio.com


One option from Microsoft that looks well documented, supported and regularly updated is the Color Picker utility that is part of the larger Microsoft PowerToys

Color Picker on Windows 10

It doesn't support HDR but otherwise looks to be a first-class and very capable tool for color discovery and manipulation from on-screen content.

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