Using Selenium webdriver we can record an automated test of our web app to produce a video for documentation purposes (example), but it could look far more polished & smoothly animated (webdriver doesn't have animated mouse movements)

Any suggestions for an alternative to Selenium webdriver we can use to target HTML elements for each action in the video?

  • Features = needs to be able to program the recording (& save the program) to target specific HTML elements, which may change next time the web app GUI is updated (which means our documentation's videos need to be re-recorded with slightly altered HTML elements).
  • Platform = macOS or Chrome
  • OS = macOS
  • Budget = perhaps US$100/month
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    Have you looked at OBS obsproject.com ? That is what I would normally use and recommend for recordings.
    – Z Z
    Sep 14, 2023 at 13:31


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