I'm wondering, is there an Android folder app that permits you to create a folder, with a photo button integrated into the folder that when pressed, gives you the option to take a photo and then store it in that particular folder instead of the usual picture folder?

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I have come across two that will work, they dont have a button. But both allow you to chose a folder to save the photo in.

Multi Folder Camera

If you have used camera which am sure you have, you might noticed all your photos gets captured to same DCIM camera folder. . .

This apps helps you capture photos directly to different folders. . .

Clean Camera - Quick Folder

Clean Camera - Quick Folder Camera

Clean Camera allows you to manage your photos right before taking photos. Select a folder direct from the camera view and settings page, feel free to create a custom folder for your photos.

Easily manage folder. Remove, copy, and move your photos to another folder.

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