I'm working on porting most of my PHP, Python, and Bash scripts over to C.

As a "beginner" with the C language I am overwhelmed with the documentation and all the memory management shenanigans one has to deal with.

Because I am mostly familiar with PHP and its almost verbose function names, I am interested in a library that has similar naming scheme (doesn't have to be the exact same as PHP).

Many of my scripts do very simple operations which I can run from my terminal, some of those are:

  • Removing all non-ASCII characters in a file
  • Prefixing file names with a leading zero
  • cd-ing into a git repository directory and calling a couple of git commands
  • Fetching Torrent trackers from a GitHub repository and writing into the clipboard

the list goes on...

Ideally it would be beneficial if the library is compatible with both Windows and Linux environments.


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