I'm using Google Calendar for my time planning. I need to see all Facebook events I declared I'll attend, I'm interested in, or was invited. Manually copying events is tedious and prone to errors. Is there a software I could use to automatically update my google calendar, instantaneously or for example once a day, with events from Facebook?

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You don't need any tool in theory:

  1. Go to Facebook -> Events -> Your events.
  2. Right click Add to calendar button on top right.
  3. Copy URL.
  4. Go to Google Calendar -> Add calendar -> From URL.
  5. Paste the copied URL.

And that's it. External application may be nice for further filtering, but your choice if you trust it with your data.


A friend recommended to me this online tool:


So far, it seems to work correctly. It takes some time for it to sync up, but generally it synced all my events after one night of waiting.

I have no association with the tool or the author, and I don't think that friend who recommended it has any.

Screenshot of the tool at the moment of posting

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