Long story short, I am working on a project where we have to take photos of thousands of machines and have GPS proof of that saved in a database.

The best I've found yet is the "Smart GPS Location" app, which generates a CSV file with the information that I need. However, since we're working with hundreds of people doing the photo taking, it is not viable since each phone is going to generate a different CSV file, and they are not centralized.

Are there any Android apps that can achieve this?

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    If your using a phone, and have location turned ON for you camera app. As long as reception is available the camera app should automatically embed the GPS info into the pictures EXIF metadata. Thus using exiftool you could extract this info. You could probably even write a python script to automate some of it. Would this kind of thing be acceptable?
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  • I think it would work but I have no idea how to do that. I'm going to do some research, thank you very much. Commented Jun 22, 2023 at 17:14

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Use an app GPS TRACKER Suitable for a type of water that I have not tested for safety, but my brother is working on it

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Credit: https://dominoc925.blogspot.com/2017/06/extract-gps-tags-from-photographs-into.html

Download exiftool first, of course.

Open up a Windows Command Prompt. In the prompt, type in the command.

Extract GPS tags from photographs into a CSV file using Exiftool

Depending on which exiftool you have the (-k) thing may or may not be necessary.

C:\> "exiftool(-k).exe" -n -gpslongitude -gpslatitude -gpstimestamp -csv D:\MyDocuments\temp\somephotos >outgps.csv

-n means to print out as numbers only
-csv prints out csv including the file path and name
-D points to the folder directory of the photographs to extract

Your Android phone will embed the location tags into the photos automatically if you do the following

  • Enable GPS
  • Give GPS permission to the camera app
  • In the camera App, turn on Settings -> Camera Settings -> Location tags

Then you can use a tool such as 'exiftool` mentioned in another answer, to extract the information.

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